Our trip to Italy was Marvelous!


The weather in Milan for an Italian class  in traditional Lime Paint, and shopping at Designer Malls, is comfortably warm in mid October, as the afternoon temperature averages around 65 degrees.  Traveling by train  to the Tuscan Village of Lucca and touring historical villa's for a relaxing week of visual  insight allows us an in depth Italian experience.


To get to Tuscany, we need to fly into Milan, then travel to Lucca, and a shuttle bus for a 30 minute drive through the hills to Villa La Cappella. Day trips are planned visiting historical Villas around this Tuscany area.  Then enjoy the train again, and after a night at the Opera, we returned through Rome and back to the US. 


La Villa Cappella, an old Monastery built in the 1600's and recently renovated is positioned with a panoramic view of the old Roman "Via Francigena" passage from France and Spain to Rome.   The villa has three floors, and is a perfect size for our group of 15.  A large panoramic pool is set on a lower terrace with views of terraced gardens and traditional Tuscany atmosphere.  We will be touring 3 Tuscany Villa's during our week there.  

To join us, you should have an interest in Tuscany Decorative Art.  Send us an email lugoodwin@swbell.net or call us at 512-440-5787, and let us know you are interested!  We'll send an information packet and invite you to our planning meetings in June, July, and September. 

Departure & Costs:

Space was limited to 15, and a deposit of $2,500 is required to reserve.  Total cost is approximately $5,000.00.  Date of Departure was late Fall, 2013.  We look forward to your joining us next time.  Another trip is not planned at this time.  However, I may change my mind.  Lu Goodwin Mark

Austin School of Faux Finishes lugoodwin@swbell.net